The Big ‘D’ and I don’t mean Dallas!

l3qouyauWhat a week this will be, much like last week.  See, I just performed with my older brother, Gordon, in Mississippi. And now it’s time for the BIG ‘D’, and I don’t mean ‘divorce’.  And though I am in Dallas, that’s not exactly what I mean either. First off I should say don’t get all tore up thinking I all of sudden became one handsome dude… these photo’s are not of me…  I’ll explain;  I am performing this week with a guy I am very blessed to share any stage with.  A guy that I met in Nashville, Tennessee back when I was walking over to my first #1 party.  Literally, I was at my publishing company, EMI, and was just getting ready to walk out the door to head over to Gilley’s for the party. And, just as I was gathering all the song pluggers to go with me, I see this guy roaming the halls.  I had no idea who he was, but without him saying a word, singing a note, or playing a guitar…I knew he was a star!
Without too much time passing, we ended up being introduced by the head honcho over at EMI as this guy was coming out of her office.  We shook hands, and I noticed two things that were very worthy of making immediate note of.  Two things that said we were going to get along just fine.  They were a ring in the back pocket of his 13mwz’s or his Wrangler jeans. (Both a good sign to me back in those days). The wranglers said ‘Texas or Oklahoma’, and the ring said ‘Copenhagen or Skoal’.  Now, before any of you get tore up.. I had a snuff problem years ago.. but I did give it up! Hallelujah!
But, at that time I was out  of the snuff, the snoose, the worm dirt, and my old buddy Rodeo was no where near to bum a dip off of…. So, this new ‘star’ would have to be my new best friend!  And, he was. We thumped the can, and laughed and I invited him over to my party.  He came over to the party driving that little red truck, and not too long after that we were writing songs and he was playing in my band. I loved this guys music, his voice, his style, and I wanted to help him however I could.  SO, during one of my shows I asked him to step up to the mike and sing one song. WELL, that was a big mistake for me.. HA.. npbaivaip5 No one in that club wanted me to sing again!  They wanted to hear this Texas talent like no one they had ever seen.  They wanted more DERYL DODD, and honestly so did I.
Here we are all these years later.  Years after Deryl played for Martina McBride, years after I would beg Deryl to come out and play with Rodeo and I as we opened for Garth, years after Deryl had a record deal with Sony and recorded two great albums for them.  Here we are in Dallas, Texas playing this Wed. and Thursday night. (
Deryl Dodd is THE one Nashville let get away.  He performs all over his home state of Texas, and if you have seen him.. then you love him!  I will always and forever stand in line to see one of my favorite singer/songwriter/entertainers… Deryl Dodd.  And this week, I get to share the stage once more with Texas own, home grown star.  The other BIG D! Deryl Dodd.


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