My Own Radio Station.. oh yeah

Stitcher Radio, Smart Radio…  Oh yeah.

Talk radio, podcasts and live radio all in 1 app.
Listen to your favorite shows on demand.
(download here)

I love this App, and I am not the only one.
Stitcher Radio is nominated for “The Best App Ever Awards”.
I clogged about Stitcher a few months back (click here) thanking them for introducing me to one of my favorite Apps…

“The Moth”.  You should favorite this too, trust me.

Well …
Guess who has their own channel on Stitcher Radio?  Yeah, Me!  Well, me and my two Virginia brothers Wil and Langdon Reid, the dynamic singing, songwriting, entertainers that form the duo known as Wilson Fairchild.
We are broadcasting our own podcast one to two times Every Week!
That’s right we have our own channel on Stitcher and now you can take us with you on your smart phone. (which instantly becomes brilliant when you bookmark us as one of your favorite channels on Stitcher Radio)
I never thought Radio could be so much fun.. these guys are entertaining me each episode!

Click the banner below to go the TriPodcasters channel and give us a thumbs up and click the Star!

Fresh and Rare Fun awaits…

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