The Discover Orange Bowl

I think we discovered that some ‘football’ is no longer a difficult game.
People, I love football as you must know, and of course I have a smile on my face, but let’s be honest.

70 -33
West Virginia over Clemson.

Clemson’s defense allowed almost 600 Yards against them
WV allowed almost 450 yards against them… and they still won!
I think the chain crew worked harder moving the chains than the both defenses combined.

I keep hearing that people want high scoring games, and that people want to see touchdowns.
Do we really want every single batter in baseball to hit a home run each time at bat? As awesome as that is, if it’s not difficult to do, it’s not special, and it’s boring.

I am not certain I understand the role of having a defense’s any longer.

Just put the time on the clock and take turns scoring until the time runs out…
Save money on scholarships. Don’t recruit/sign defensive players, and do away with kickers?  Or better yet..  maybe just have a team of kickers?
Now, that’s exciting!
You guys know I am a huge hockey fan!
And, I’m starting to ease over into liking baseball more and more.. at least there I don’t know what is going to happen.

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  1. mireille - January 14, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    hey you 🙂 met you many moons ago in Calgary Alberta…found an old pic of us and thought id say hi 🙂