Defining a RARE woman?

The conversation began with a good female friend of mine asking me what a guy looks for in a gal that makes her very very rare?  Oh boy.. how do I get out of answering that?  Well, I couldn’t.
So, I began to consider speaking aloud the various thoughts flowing through my mind, and all the while my mind was reminding me that a man saying his thoughts to a woman is very much like walking through mine field… we know there are mines out there but we can’t see ’em!  We know we will no doubt step on them by saying one of our ‘original’ thoughts, and then ‘ouch’! This is why sometimes guys will just say, ‘um hum’, or ‘sure’, and hope we can find a game to watch with a commercial she might like?
A wise man holds his tongue right? So I opted to remain silent.  But she did not.  She had recently had a break up, and was very curious as to how a guy thinks, and I was the only guy in the room.  So, she pushed harder for two things that a guy looks for in a girl, that make her both attractive yet different.   She wanted to know what makes a woman RARE?

You all should know that I am not comfortable speaking for the entire male species, but I could see I needed to come up with something.  So, I began to dig deep, really deep to come up with two things that men look for in a woman that make her both attractive and rare. So off into the minefield I go.
I told her that it’s a given that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, BUT… there are a couple of things that make a woman very, very, very rare, and different from all others.  Her eyes got a little wider, and a nice smile began showing on her curious face.  She scooted forward in her chair anticipating what was to come.  “SO”? she said, “What are these two things”?  She paused, and said, “No, no, let me guess, let me guess”.  It was fine with me if she guessed, because if she got it right that was less pressure on me for saying something stupid.  So she began to almost shout out answers…  She covered everything from a woman’s job, to fingernails, to shoes, eye liner, to where she shopped (as if?), to her hair, to her car, pets, parents, and on and on.  She could see she was no where close to the two things I was holding as hidden cards close to my vest.  Her smile went away and she sat quietly ..waiting.
I told her that she was guessing all the things that only women care about, and that’s not what guys find rare.  She seemed to understand.  And then she yelled, “Then what are the two things guys find in a girl that make them RARE”? 
People all I know is what I see, and what I’ve seen.  So, to me the obvious and only answer to this question is; that it’s very, very, very rare to find a female that likes to drink milk, and watch The Three Stooges.  I could be wrong? Randomly ask any girl if they like milk, or the Stooges.. see for yourself.
Ya’ll have a good day.

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  1. Aunt Kathy - November 15, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    Well, I don’t drink milk. Never have. And, I don’t watch “The Three Stooges” because I watched you grow up with your two brothers. I feel as though I used to live with them (The Three Stooges). Please forgive me for failing your test. But you love me anyway, huh?

  2. bryan - November 15, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    FUNNY.. Yes, brother’s Gordon, and Shelby and I…as you well know watched, watched and watched the 3, you really grew up with the 6 stooges total!
    No test.. nothing to fail.. it’s just my fun observation in life that it’s rare to find a female who likes one.. much less both! And you bet I love ya!

  3. Wesley Rexrode - November 18, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    BK, Very funny and witty reply to your lady friend’s question! I noticed the answer was not answering what qualities make a PERFECT woman or even a GOOD woman, just a RARE woman. And I’d have to say that in 2010, your answer was right on. And good for you on dodging a potential “firework display” of mines that you could have stepped on!!

  4. bryan - November 19, 2010 at 2:00 am

    Good to hear from you Mr. Rexrode, thanks for stopping by, I am a big fan of yours! Do you still gig?

  5. Kimberly - September 13, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Very Nice. A very intelligent answer. I guess I made my way here because my beautiful cousins have you as a friend. I only like chocolate milk myself and I watched The Stooges when I was a little kid. I have nothing against the Stooges at all. Classic comedy. No copies. Have you noticed. Only imitations. You can’t recreate perfection. I liked Shemp and Curly. But Moe was the bomb! I have nothing against milk either, after all it is in cake and ice cream and in mashed potatoes. However, due to a bad experience with school lunch milk I tend not to drink it solo. I have one question, why would a woman need to ask a man what makes a woman rare in the first place? You made this story up didn’t you?

  6. bryan - September 16, 2011 at 8:34 am

    I do hope you know I am not a professional anything! No Dr., researcher, pollster, no degree in any shape or form in psychology, or the like. I am just basically sharing my crazy, fun, slant/take on life! Hoping people will smile and laugh. So, to answer your question Kimberly… a woman need not ask a man what makes them rare.. EVERYONE is rare, and that’s a beautiful thing. I would never tell you what to do or ask you anything… I just hope you have some fun with my clog’s!
    Tell your cousin’s hey from me please, and visit often.

  7. Kimberly - September 16, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    Hey now you sound uber modest. Not a professional anything? Hey come to think of it me either! Does that make us bums? I’m a little behind the game why do you call it a clog and not a blog? I know everyone has opinions about things but it takes real talent to put it in just such a way that people actually listen and take it to heart, or laugh right out loud(what I did about the Stooges and Milk) it’s a gift. You are a great story teller I can tell. But I’ve only read this one thing so I guess it could be luck. Ha Ha. I will tell my cousins, if a person could ever catch up with them, that I visited your clog because of them. Cheryl eats out a lot here in Rockwall (Texas) and Dery. isn’t in my neck of the woods until November. Say is that you in some of her pictures? A trip to Mexico? or maybe just a visit with you in Florida. I’ll have to go back and look again. P.S. All the “professional” bloggers are on CNN. Not very funny!

  8. Kimberly - September 16, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    OOps that was supposed to be Deryl. don’t know where the L went to. somewhere in cyberspace? Creepy.

  9. Sherri - June 17, 2013 at 10:40 am

    I googled “rare” and this page came up. Quite cute. I absolutely love milk but have never really seen the Three Stooges (I am a big Abbott and Costello fan though).

    But to add information to your data base. I have recently found myself single and online dating sites (although no actual dates). I am have been amazed at the numbers of men who have been saying that I am ‘rare’, ‘special’, ‘unique’, ‘fascinating’… etc. I am not saying this to brag, but am interested in this being a technique for attracting a mate.

    I was googling in attempt to assertain:

    Is this just ‘a line’ ; i.e. an attempt to make someone believe that they are rare (as we all want to do), #1.

    Statistically, I have numerous characteristics that are several deviations from the mean. However, are these men pursuing me because I am ‘rare’, #2, or because they are attracted to my specific rare characteristics, #3.

    I believe that any of the three things is possible. I am attempting to get infomation on the distribution among them.

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