Dip your Tic-Tac-Toes

Dip your Tic-Tac-Toes in #TheBryanKennedyShow.

Every Tuesday at the Seaside REP through July 31st at 8pm (cdt)

Why do you see the # at the beginning of the name of the show?
To me # is a base for a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.
But, in the world of Twitter;
The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.
Click here for more information.

I know everyone doesn’t ‘Tweet’, and some run from the idea of trying to understand or operate tweet’s, tweeting, and so on.
No Worry! There are plenty of folks in the live audience tweeting, as well as from all over the country.

When you come to the show I encourage to bring your smartphone and leave it ON! (your ringer off please) Take photo’s, vid’s, post and tweet!
You can be part of my show from the audience OR from anywhere!
My hilarious, local, beloved, sidekick, comedian, Kevin Boyle does an unbelievable job responding to all tweets and facebook posts.
Too Much Fun!Last week the live audience tweeted questions, photo’s, and comments all pertaining to what was happening on stage, and of course the screen behind me allows for everyone to see them all.

My friends from out of state also get to ‘watch’ the show via the live audience interaction via Twitter and Facebook as Kevin posts short Video’s, and lot’s of photos.

So, can participate live at the show here at the Beach, or from anywhere!

(need a little help?)

Sign up/in to your facebook page. Then click here to go to my ‘fanpage’ and click the ‘Like’ button.
(You can click the fb logo to the right of this clog to get to me)


Sign up/sign in to Twitter, and follow me (you can click the Twitter icon to the right of this ‘clog’…or search me from the search window on twitter) @UnderBryansHat , #TheBryanKennedyShow

If you are new to Twitter, Facebook don’t be intimidated,  Sign up/log in Tuesday nights between 7:30 pm and 8:00 and start tweeting/posting with Kevin, and hang on for the show!
#TheBryanKennedyShow is the perfect place to try tweeting/posting.

Go ahead ….  dip your Tic-Tac-Toes

The Bryan Kennedy Show… and who else?

Oh you can expect great surprises on The Bryan Kennedy Show at the
Seaside REP Theatre every Tuesday night beginning June 26th running through July 31st!

Look at whose coming to join me on stage to play for us here on 30A!!!
Keep in mind you can be a part live via fb and twitter.
(details to follow)
I can’t wait!

From Comanche, Texas, Deryl Dodd my cowboy superstar pearl snap brother

My two Virginia brothers, Wilson Fairchild (Wil and Langdon Reid)

Kelsey Anna my 30A sister

From Nashville, Tennessee, Wynn Varble, my Toe Roaster brother and CMT’s finalist on Next Super Star

Forrest Williams my Back Yard Boogie brother

Chris Alvarado my Florida Grammy Showcase winning brother

From Grand Prairie, Texas, Dave Perez my Tejas Brother – brother

Balder Saunders my Dread Clampit brother

Oh yeah..   and me
Great friends, great music, and BIG fun ahead people!
Come get your good time.


we will discuss Kevin Boyle soon..  you’re gonna love him!

(Shelly Swanger you’ve got a lot of great photo’s on this clog! Thank You)

New CD… New SHOW and YOU?

Looks like my brand new CD will be out by the end of June.
Just in time for…
The Bryan Kennedy Show
That’s right.. coming to the Seaside REP starting June 26th for six weeks in a row.
There’s never been a show like this?
It will be me sharing plenty of ‘true stories’, my co-host and comedic friend Kevin Boyle,  a variety of  musical friends from all over, and last but not least… You. (details to follow)
Oh Yeah..  we’re all in this together. And that’s the way I like it.
Even I am not sure what’s going to happen!
I will be announcing musical guest tomorrow.

Tell your friends coming in for the summer, make your plans, and buy your tickets… seating is limited.
Can’t wait!

Obviously… I belong in a barn

Shelby, Bryan, Coach Gentry, and Gordon

We have all heard of ‘home court advantage’… Well, last night I felt like I had home barn advantage.
I was in my element for sure.

I wish all my friends could experience Gentry’s Farm at least once.
Of all the gigs I get to be a part of… this one is most special.
I have clogged about it before, and can never say enough.


Few of us get to gather in a place with our families, teachers, coaches, mentor’s, and have the chance to tell them… Thank You.
Twice a year my brother’s and I get to do this out at Coach Gentry’s Farm in Franklin, Tennessee.
A covered dish dinner on the grounds, and singing in the barn.

Thank you Ben Cooper, and Wayne Kirkpatrick (visit Wayne’s Junk Bunk FB page) for coming and sharing your gifts with everyone last night.

You both are amazing and I hope to get to share more stage with you both often.

It’s home in so many ways.
I am blessed.

Up Close and Online

I will be sharing True Stories and interacting with you guys LIVE online next week!

Tuesday April 24th @ 7:30 pm (central)
Stageit.com has been working with me getting all the tech issues solved for my first Online acoustic concert!
click here to sign up
1. you just create a user name
2. type your email address
3. re-type your email address
4. create a password
5.  confirm your time zone

That’s it.
See you next Tuesday!

The First Official Pig Gig

Grayt Fun.
I have officially declared yesterday the first official Pig Gig.
T-shirts, caps, Cd’s, Coffee mugs, Snow Globes, Stadium cushions, and autographed books soon!

(photo provided by the official photographer of the Pig Gig, Shelly Swanger)
Pictured above
Bryan, Balder, (hamlet pictured behind Balder), Una, Scott, and Brian
Not pictured but certainly picking, and very present.. Forrest, and Teddy.
@ The Grayt Coffee House in Grayton Beach;

This is Hamlet.
No, not named after the main character in my play ‘Toe Roaster’, just a coincidence…
hmmm, Really  ?