Walt Wilkins – A Real Singer/Songwriter

They are plenty/They are rare.

Everyone seems to be a singer/songwriter these days, and I suppose that is a good thing.
The world is always in need of music.
And you can get it anywhere…

Stay with me… I wish to share an observation of mine;

Should you want cabinets for your kitchen, you can get them today!  Go to Home Depot or Lowes and select from hundred’s of assembly line cabinets.
You can have cabinets just like all the other cabinets.

Should  you want genuine, real, hand crafted, detailed & designed… born from the heart and soul of a true cabinet maker… one that finds it hard to create his work, but loves the look on your face when you see its space, and place in your every day life. One that can’t help but to be unique, different, and maybe never perfect… but, the finished work is more than Just Right.


(pictured here with The Mystiqueros)

Let Walt make your kitchen cabinets!

No, not really… although I bet he could !
Let Walt change your world by listening to what he has crafted with his pen, page, and guitar.

I got to hang a bit with Walt at Bill Worrell’s place on the Llano River.
I am a fan.
Walt and his wife, Tina, performed along the banks, and as I sat there I felt a peace rare for me.
I was hearing Great Songs. Not assembly line songs.

I was blessed to listen to his CD driving back to Austin, and making mental notes of which songs I wanted to share with my Clog readers…

Well, I ‘ear marked’ tracks 1-12

Walt Wilkins -  He’s a singer/songwriter
A great performer! 
pictured here, Tina, Walt, and The Mystiqueros

Walt even writes a Blog!

Tweet Walt

I do

Goodlettsville – Peanuts & Cracker Jacks?

Goodlettsville, Tennessee
No, it’s not known for peanuts and Cracker Jacks, but maybe after today?
Goodlettsville is a small community located just outside of Nashville.
It is where my family lived for a few years before moving across town, and where years later I would buy too much farm, obtain numerous cattle, several horses, one extra dog, extreme amounts of tractor supplies/implements, and
it was Awesome!

What else is Awesome about Goodlettsville?
Well… just look at these photo’s!
It is also the home of the 2012 Little League United States Champions.  Tennessee, or more specifically… Goodlettsville!
And Today
The Goodlettsville team will represent the U.S. against Japan today in the Little League World Series.
You can watch @ 2 pm central on ABC

Someone throw me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

Looks like fun to me!

Goodlettsville was named after Dr. Adam Goodlett (1782-1850).
He was from Va., he practiced medicine for more than 40 years, he was a surgeon in the U.S. Army, settled in Nashville, and died in Rutherford County.

Football Camp x’s and o’s

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

This past week I was asked to go and speak to the Liberty Christan School football team  during their two a day practices at Camp Copass in Denton, Texas.
I stayed for a few days visiting the camp, watching their practices, and found myself thinking less and less about X’s and O’s, and smiling because of what I was really seeing.

Young men surrounded by Coaches, and mentor’s that create a confidence in these young men that I don’t think can be obtained without what was taking place in their two week camp.
It was hot.
Young men crowded into bunk areas with their teammates, no one to pick up after them, or CLEAN.
Up too early.. eating something other than his momma’s cooking.
And their day consist of being Coached, pushed, and made to do things no one ever does in their ‘free – time’.

Yeah, I know..

All the guys reading this are already in their minds headed straight to the days when we played ball  and how tough WE had it.  And We always had it tougher than kids today, right?
This proves my point.
It’s something you NEVER forget.
We always forget the EASY things we did/do in life, but never the hard.

I left Camp Copass with hope…
A hope that every young man always has a chance to be mentored, pushed, coached, and to do something hard.. and when doing so, I hope they get to do soemething not so popular and maybe even not allowed in some places.


These young people were allowed to pray together, and I could see the bond it created and the attitude that comes after.

What a privilege to stand before these young athlete’s and their mentor’s and share my friend Andy (from my book Andy Wouldn’t Let Me) with them.

I was moved, and blessed to see these young men and their coaches work together, and grow together.

I wish Coach Price and his fine group of young men all the best this season.

Me with Kole Kellner

I am blessed… thanks

I am the most blessed man with the greatest of friends.
I am humbled.


— bryan

Dave Perez of the Tejas Brothers

Deryl Dodd

Balder Saunders (from Dread Clampitt), Chris Alvarado, and Forrest Williams

Wilson Fairchild

Kelsey Anna

Wynn Varble

Scott Rockwood

Last but not least by any means…  my friend 
Kevin ‘tumbleweed’ Boyle

What a fun ride sharing the stage with you!
You are great to work with.  More to come.



I am so blessed to be around so many talented, and amazing singer/songwriters.

If you have been to the #TheBryanKennedyShow in Seaside, Fl. at the REP for one or ALL of the past three weeks, then you know exactly what I mean.

This coming Tuesday one of the most talented men I have known is coming to share the stage by way of Texas.
Deryl Dodd
People… trust me…  You do not want to miss DD!

He is everything all of us ‘songwriters’, and ‘entertainers’ wish we were.

I think I am going to buy a ticket just to watch this ‘cowboy movie star’.  And I will hope for the front row.
I am so blessed to have him travel from Texas to come share his music.

I can’t wait.

Come on D!

Tuesday July 17th @ 8pm

Get your tickets at Seaside Amavida Coffee or click here or call the REP at (850)231-0733

New CD “Dis – Connected”

Hey People!
I would like to introduce you to my new CD!
This is the most fun I have had a in a long – long – long while!

I am excited about this CD from the front cover, back cover, inside photo’s, and oh yeah… the music!

Dis-Connected is a fun and random journey.
You will quickly discover that each track takes you on a totally different ride.
CD Baby describes it as;
“Unpredictable, eclectic, humorous, and heartfelt… all delivered with Bryan’s one of a kind sense of humor.”

The CD is currently available for downloading on iTunes, my Facebook Music Store Page, and CD Baby.
The physical CD’s will be available for purchase locally on June 21st, and at #The Bryan Kennedy Show at the Seaside REP June 26th!

Soon they will be available to order the physical CD on the CD Baby Website.

Meanwhile below are some cool fun facts about the CD;

There are three Grammy Award winners on this project…
Steve Wariner C.G.P.

Thanks Steve for hanging out, picking, and having some great laughs… You’re graaaaat!

Brother Gordon Kennedy
Gordon.. thank you for all your guitars, amps, all the years you practiced, played, and for sharing your gifts and talents with your little brother!

Last but not least, Mr. Ray Stevens
Yeah!  I got to co-write a song with one of my hero’s, (the title track, Dis-Connected) and someone I have always aspired to imitate in writing, and entertaining. I’ll never reach his genius status, but what a thrill it was, I am honored.  Thank you Ray.

Thanks to;

Brother Gordon for all his hard work and incredible talent he spread all over this CD from guitars, uke’s, citar’s, harmonies, bgv’s, and more. And also my very talented friend, Blair Masters for being a one man ‘whatever I asked for’.

I also want to thank my brother Shelby.
I am very grateful brother Shelby brought his harmonies for the perfect finishing touches. He always makes me sound better.

So, many others contributed so much to this CD;
Billy Contreras, JD Shuff, Steve Bishir, Glenn Spinner, Karthi Masters, Diana Batarseh,
Shane Carter, Angela Ragsdale, Mike Ragsdale, Aaron Tinsley, Viki Hampton, Robert Baily, Bill Worrell, Brian Peterson, a.k.a.,
Big Country owner of Gulf Coast Beach Service, Tori Pickren Von Hoene owner of Ophelia Swimwear

Thank you all !
Okay.. I hope y’all like some of these tunes!
I am just blessed.
* The Land of Cotton is a very special song to me.
It came to me many years after my football playing days at Ole Miss.I wanted to write something for all my teammates, and for all who suited up for the Reb’s before and after.
We are all brothers.

‘Country On’ my Virginia brothers!

“Country On”
The new CD from my Virginia Brothers Wil and Langdon Reid.
Many of you know how much I love these two guys who are known to the world as the country duet
Wilson Fairchild.
I’ve been waiting on this CD for a long while, and it’s here!

Click here for iTunes Link

I am big, big fan of these boys, and love every moment I get to spend with them either, playing gigs, hanging out writing songs (they were nice enough to let me co-wrote “Dude”, and “Stuck” on this CD), traveling on the road, drinking coffee, or recording our Podcast as The TriPodcasters.
“Country On” is a great CD with great new original songs by these two.
One of my personal favorite tracks is “Take It or Break It”.  Sounds like a big ‘ol hit to me!

Hey… you can come see Wilson Fairchild with ME July 10th here at Seaside, Florida at the REP Theatre.
They will be cutting up with me and Kevin Boyle on The Bryan Kennedy Show!
Buy tickets here.
This will be wild and crazy fun for sure!

The Grascals

My good friend Billy Smith and I wrote a tune several years ago that has been recorded by The Grascals ! I’m so thrilled cause I love this group.
The song is entitled “Bartender”.

The Grascals have won SPBGMA’s Bluegrass Band of the Year award in 2010, the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2005 and earning its Entertainer of the Year honor in both 2006 and 2007, and they have been nominated twice for Grammy’s.
I am thrilled to have a song recorded by this group as I considered Terry Smith (the bass player) family.
He is brother to Billy Smith, my co-writer, and son to Hazel Smith.
You may know Hazel from CMT’s Southern Fried Flicks.
I always enjoyed  my time with any of the Smith family.  The laughs were plenty, and they are certainly missed.
Billy’s co-writes with me were always like hanging out with one of my brother’s.
Billy is a gifted writer, singer and musician, and I am thankful to have shared some songs with him!
Thank you Billy, Terry, and Hazel… much love to you all.
And thank you Grascals!
I am blessed.
Check out their new CD
“Life Finds a Way”