Bryan Kennedy
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    Dis-ConnectedI'm So Jealous of MeDMade in the ShadeSanta Drives a Dually30AAnyd Wouldn't Let MeCharlie's Favorite ChristmasToe-RoasterMistle Toe Roaster
  • The Spot Life Coach™

    The Spot Life Coach The creative and the athletic are constantly under a spotlight exposing their entire lives. Life off the field, stage, and court directly and profoundly affects performance on the field, stage, and court. Learning a healthy balance between the two, while daily seeking right perspective and direction, is what I call living in The Spot Life.
  • Bryan's Clog

    Where's Bryan? Bryan seemed to enjoy the freedom he had discovered in writing plays so much that he began to stretch his writing talents in other directions as well. These days he has a blog he writes regularly on his web site,, where he keeps his fans up to date with his latest ventures and enjoys their feedback. Bryan's Blog Clog.
  • Where's Bryan?

    Where's Bryan? Bryan spends most of his time traveling and performing all over. His show is totally "HIM". He is hard to describe but with influences ranging from Merle Haggard to Bill Cosby, you will no doubt understand where he gets his sense of humor as well as his ability to tug on your heartstrings. You will leave most entertained and refreshed with a smile in your heart. Check his schedule here.