Bryan Kennedy
  • Bryan's Music

    Live Love LaughDis-ConnectedI'm So Jealous of MeDMade in the ShadeSanta Drives a Dually30A
  • Bryan's Books

    The Lost DogThe Lost Dog
    Monica Harlan's husband is haunted by his past; that much was obvious from the moment she first met the young, brooding detective. Hunting killers on Miami's streets calls for a special kind of cop, and Jeremy Harlan doesn't break a sweat---
    Andy Wouldn't Let MeAndy Wouldn't Let Me
    Two unlikely worlds collided at midfield. Seniors on the same football team, Andy and Bryan barely knew one another before the seasons opening kick-off. But they would soon come to know each other in a way---
    Charlie's Favorite ChristmasCharlie's Favorite Christmas
    Charlie, eleven years old, had planned for months on how to get exactly what he wanted that year for Christmas by only asking for one thing, so he'd be sure he'd find it under the tree. But instead, he got an even---
  • Acting and Playwriting

    Toe-RoasterToe-RoasterMistle Toe Roaster
  • Bryan's Clog

    Where's Bryan? Bryan seemed to enjoy the freedom he had discovered in writing plays so much that he began to stretch his writing talents in other directions as well. These days he has a blog he writes regularly on his web site,, where he keeps his fans up to date with his latest ventures and enjoys their feedback. Bryan's Blog Clog.
  • Where's Bryan?

    Where's Bryan? Bryan spends most of his time traveling and performing all over. His show is totally "HIM". He is hard to describe but with influences ranging from Merle Haggard to Bill Cosby, you will no doubt understand where he gets his sense of humor as well as his ability to tug on your heartstrings. You will leave most entertained and refreshed with a smile in your heart. Check his schedule here.
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