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Chalk Talk Vol. 1

by Bryan Kennedy

When an athlete wins at life, they win on the field. It’s cause and effect.

The Lost Dog

by Bryan Kennedy

Hunting killers on Miami’s streets calls for a special kind of cop, and Jeremy Harlan doesn’t break a sweat in his constant dance with death.

Andy Wouldn't Let Me

Bryan Kennedy with Langdon Reid

Andy and Bryan barely knew one another before the season’s opening kick-off. But they would soon come to know...

Charlie's Favorite Christmas

by Bryan Kennedy

What seemed like his worst Christmas ever would turn into a gift of a lifetime.

Bryan Kennedy

on The Garth Channel

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Bryan Kennedy


Album available digitally through iTunes and Amazon.

Bryan Kennedy

I'm so Jealous of Me

Album available digitally through iTunes and Amazon.

Bryan Kennedy

Made in the Shade

Album available digitally through iTunes and Amazon.

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Bryan Kennedy is credited as a singer, songwriter, author, playwright, actor, keynote speaker and a certified Life Coach. Possibly best known for co-writing over 10 songs, six singles, and three #1 Garth Brooks hits. He also penned Garth’s most recent hits; “All Day Long” and a duo with Blake Shelton, "Dive Bar". The former Ole Miss football player turned writer has penned numerous works outside the songwriting world including; two musical comedies, Toe Roaster and MistleToe Roaster. A suspense thriller novel, “The Lost Dog”, a personal inspirational motivational book, “Andy Wouldn’t Let Me”, The athletes life coaching handbook, “Chalk Talk”, and his Christmas Classic short story, "Charlie’s Favorite Christmas". His own musical albums include; “Dis-Connected”, “I’m so Jealous of Me” and “Made in the Shade”. Kennedy recently branched out adding to his resume appearing in his first film; “The Secret Handshake” starring Kevin Sorbo. You will always find Bryan working on something new and is rumored that you might hear him on Sirius/XM Channel 55… The Garth Channel. Currently Bryan is playing shows where he lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. A good place to catch his breath after finishing the North American leg of a three and one half year World Tour with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.... He is now on the Garth Brooks Stadium Tour.

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I Believe that Love is the one and only thing that can change this world and rid it of all the hate...especially as of late. This book is a Great teacher, a Great reminder, a Great Spirit lifter, a Great coaching tool, and again, a Great and a Must Read for All! It's all about verse 27!!

This little collection of 'chalk talks' is priceless. Read as much or as little as you want at one time. Leave it at face value, or mull it over and see how it really applies to your own life. This collection of chalk talks helps, guides, and reinforces how I can proceed from here. That's a big 10-4 on 4:10

From the first page I was hooked. Couldn't put it down. You will quickly get attached to the main characters. While you are drawn into the current crime investigation you are hoping the end of this story leaves an option for the main characters to go on to other crime solving adventures. This is a must read. The quick pace of the book will keep your interest.

Bryan Kennedy c.p.c.

Bryan is a Certified Professional Life Coach (c.p.c.)

Bryan believes challenges are inspirational. He believes that life is boring without them, and without them, we learn nothing. Athletics and Entertainment totally encompass and outline Coach BK. Each has given Bryan the resolve to partner with you helping you identify, target and achieve your specific goals. At the core of Coach BK is an out of the box creator, writer, motivator, and dreamer. Coach BK maintains a relentless passion for encouraging those partnering with him, helping them to write or re-write the rest of their story. Isaiah 6:8 850-588-1717
Bryan on why he wrote "Chalk Talk"

Keynote Speaker

"Bryan Kennedy was as an amazing speaker for our group. As a meeting planner, I appreciated the fact that he listened to the message we were trying to convey to our attendees, took notes on our conference theme and then worked his speech around our objectives. The audience loved him, the way he shared his personal stories, remained upbeat, reflective and on point as well as his amazing signing ability - he truly deserved the standing ovation he received. I would recommend Bryan to anyone”.

Daphne Reid Herrin Herrin Hospitality 2016 SITE SE Summit Chair

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Bryan knows that cowboys and coffee lead to conversation... and conversation leads to ‘true stories’.
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